We are Sacred Gems

We are Sacred Gems

Hi there,

We are Sacred Gems and like many of you, have found a special attraction to crystals for healing and spiritual purposes. We had the same calling too after experiencing a significant spiritual experience, but let's save that for another blog post.

Specifically, our attraction is towards all types of Lemurian crystals, and the significant spiritual powers it possesses, along with rare, spiritual and high vibrational crystals from all over the world. We believe that we have a strong past connection to Lemuria and its people and we are now here to spread their Consciousness with all of you through these crystals.

We believe that nothing happens by accident in nature and in the sacred geometry. At the intersection of both those concepts are the shapes and characteristics of each crystal, giving each crystal it's uniqueness. Where possible, we prefer to work with natural crystals in its most natural unaltered form to preserve their natural beauty. Many of these crystals were made millions of years ago in the wombs of Mother Earth only to be discovered now due to a new phase of Consciousness that we are all heading towards and the crystals are here to aid us in that journey. Meditating with these incredibly powerful stones will provide many healing and spiritual benefits.

We source our crystals specifically ensuring:

1) Ethically sourced. Where possible, we buy directly from the miners in their source country to ensure that the crystals and ethically sourced, and are also genuine and quite often we get the best quality crystals that way having direct access to the miners for first dips.

2) Natural. We have nothing against lab made crystal, but they offer a different energy signature than those that have been created in nature in Mother Earth's womb over millions of years. For that reason, we prefer to deal with 100% natural, unaltered crystals in their original form.

3) Premium quality. We know that crystals are special and we want the best quality crystals we can find. We believe you deserve the same too and we have done the hard work for you to source these amazing crystals for you from all over the world for you to enjoy.

4) Spiritually significant. We at Sacred Gems believe that crystals are significant in our journey to greater Consciousness together and we have a deep attraction to these spiritually significant Lemurian Crystals, Himalayan Crystals from Tibet, Pakistan, Nepal and India, powerful meditation stones like the Super Seven, Kundalini crystal from Congo just to name a few.

We can't wait to get started and share these crystals with you!


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