Collection: Lemurian Collection

Lemurian Seed Crystal, also known as Lemurian Quartz originated in a country known as Lemuria. This civilisation, according to the legends, was a peaceful and highly-developed spiritual civilisation that existed hundreds of thousands of years ago in the area of the South Pacific, now buried deep beneath the sea.

Lemurian is incredibly coveted, and for good reason. Our culture is experiencing a widespread awakening, and in awakening to the expansive power and energies of other realms and other lands, we travel to and begin to remember more of the incredible magic of Lemuria. Each Lemurian has been encoded, or programmed with the Higher wisdom and Divine Feminine energies of the Lemurian civilisation, the energies of unconditional love and healing, and the knowledge that all are one.

Lemurian has distinct, naturally occurring grooves. The striated edges are coded, or seeded, with the knowledge and energies of ancient Lemuria, like braille. It is through these grooves that the we receive the stone's wisdom, information, and messages. By holding Lemurian crystals and running our fingers over them, can find hidden messages to decode.