Collection: Shaangan Amethyst

Beautiful Shangaan Amethyst Crystal from the Chibuku mine in Mateke, Zimbabwe, Africa. Shangaan Amethyst is a new find, a rich Smoky Amethyst with stunning unusual crystal formations, scepters, window quartz and phantoms. This Shangaan Amethyst specimen is a beautiful display piece, a small chunky crystal cluster with excellent pigmentation, clarity and luster. Inside the crystal, Hematite inclusions and sparkling phantoms can be seen with layers of Amethyst, Clear Quartz and Smoky Quartz.

This uncommon variation of Amethyst is named after the Shangaan tribal people of the area, by Chief Gezani, leader and spokesperson for the Gezani communal lands of the Shangaan. Shangaan Amethyst is collected by the Shangaan people, they're so proud of their unique Amethyst crystals, they work together as a community, mining the Amethyst, this helps them make a living and supports their village. Our supplier from Africa works directly with the Chief and his community, to share these beautiful unique Amethyst crystals with the rest of the world.

Judy Hall, author of The Crystal Bible, believes these crystals are about untangling soul timelines, healing old patterns, and describes Shangaan Amethyst as evoking a feeling like ‘coming home.’ 

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