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100% Soy Candle Lavender + Amethyst Large

100% Soy Candle Lavender + Amethyst Large

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400ml. Approximately 60-80 hours burn time

100% Pure Soy Wax

100% Natural Lavender Eucalyptus Fragrance Oil

Blue Butterfly Pea Flowers

Osmanthus Flower

Consciously Sourced Brazilian Amethyst


A 100% soy candle infused with Amethyst brings together the best of nature's elements to create a truly unique and enchanting experience. Soy wax, derived from soybeans, is a clean-burning and sustainable alternative to traditional paraffin candles. It not only offers a longer and cleaner burn but is also biodegradable, making it an eco-friendly choice. When combined with the soothing and purifying energies of amethyst, a variety of sensory and metaphysical benefits unfold.

Amethyst, a captivating purple quartz crystal, is renowned for its calming properties and its ability to promote a serene atmosphere. When embedded in a 100% soy candle, the crystal infuses the surrounding space with its gentle energy as the candle burns. This combination is often appreciated for its potential to enhance relaxation, meditation, and stress relief. The amethyst, once incorporated into the candle, becomes a focal point, radiating its peaceful vibrations and contributing to a tranquil ambiance.

Beyond the aesthetic appeal and the soothing fragrance that soy candles bring, the addition of Amethyst introduces an element of holistic wellness to the experience. Whether used for personal moments of reflection, as part of a meditation practice, or to create a serene ambiance in living spaces, a 100% soy candle with amethyst adds a touch of nature's harmony, inviting individuals to indulge in a sensory journey that combines the natural warmth of soy wax with the calming energies of this beautiful crystal.



Our Pure Soy S100 wax is slightly different to the other soy wax blends we have on offer.
This wax is not blended with any other elements besides soy, containing no other wax hardeners and no percentage of other waxes.
This variety is as advertised; pure, premium and natural soy wax. The way we’ve achieved a workable wax with just soy compound is by hydrogenating soya oil to create wax.
The creamy soy finish from this wax is simply stunning, with an even burn pool, great hot & cold scent throw the Pure Soy S100 wax from All Seasons Wax Company could be the perfect answer for those looking for a pure soy wax product.

By hydrogenating a by-product of the soy harvesting process, we’re able to use this thicker and tougher compound to harden and stabilise the natural soy wax resulting in a 100% natural product that performs consistently like any great wax should.
This very scientific and carefully measured process leaves us with what we believe is the best pure soy wax available on the market.

Pure Soy S100:

  • Is made entirely from Soy
  • A high fragrance tolerance for a pure soy wax (6-8%)
  • Gorgeous creamy soy finish
  • Great container adhesion
  • Anti-shrinking and frosting properties
  • Fantastic oil absorption resulting in amazing hot and cold scent throw
  • We believe it is the most stable and most consistent pure soy wax on the market


Our All Natural Fragrance Oils are made from all natural ingredients and do not contain any synthetic ingredients.

Crushed lavender tied with fragrant notes of eucalyptus, rosemary, bergamot and patchouli.

Notes in perfumery are descriptors of scents that can be sensed upon the application of a fragrance. Notes are separated into three classes; top/head notes, middle/heart notes, and base notes; which denote groups of scents which can be sensed with respect to the time after the application of a fragrance. These notes are created carefully with knowledge of the evaporation process and intended use of the fragrance.

Top notes: Citrus, Herbal
Mid notes: Lavender, Eucalyptus, Rosemary
Base notes: Patchouli, Musk



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