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7 Chakra Suncatcher

7 Chakra Suncatcher

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The 7 Chakra Crystal Hanger is a beautifully crafted and purposeful accessory designed to infuse your space with the balancing energies associated with each chakra. Comprising an array of carefully selected crystals, each representing one of the seven major energy centres in the body, this hanger serves as a vibrant and meaningful decoration. From the grounding properties of red jasper for the Root Chakra to the spiritual enlightenment of amethyst for the Crown Chakra, the crystals create a harmonious flow of energy, promoting overall well-being and balance within your environment.

Hang the 7 Chakra Crystal Hanger in spaces where you seek to enhance positive energy, such as meditation areas, yoga studios, or any room where you want to encourage a sense of tranquility and alignment. As sunlight or ambient light interacts with the crystals, their colors and energies are magnified, creating a visually stunning and energetically charged focal point. This crystal hanger not only adds a touch of beauty to your space but also serves as a constant reminder to nurture and balance your chakras for holistic well-being.



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