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Charoite Moon 925 Silver Pendant

Charoite Moon 925 Silver Pendant

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Intuitively chosen for you. Includes a waxed cord necklace. 


A Charoite Moon 925 silver pendant is a celestial masterpiece that beautifully merges the mystical allure of Charoite with the timeless elegance of sterling silver. Charoite, renowned for its unique violet hues and swirling patterns, is a stone associated with spiritual transformation and insight. The moon-shaped design of this pendant adds an extra layer of symbolism, representing the cyclical nature of life, intuition, and the feminine energy. Set in 925 sterling silver, marked with the 925 hallmark, the pendant not only enhances the inherent beauty of Charoite but also guarantees a durable and well-crafted piece of jewellery.

Charoite, discovered in Russia's Chara River region, is often regarded as a stone that aids in spiritual growth and the release of deep-seated fears. The incorporation of a moon-shaped pendant further accentuates these qualities, symbolising the ebb and flow of emotions and the connection with lunar energies. The silver setting complements Charoite regal beauty, adding a touch of lunar energy that is associated with intuition, receptivity, and the balancing of emotions. As a result, the Charoite Moon 925 silver pendant becomes not only a captivating accessory but also a meaningful talisman for those on a journey of self-discovery and spiritual awakening.

Wearing a Charoite Moon 925 silver pendant invites the wearer to embrace the enchanting energies of Charoite and the symbolic power of the moon. Whether worn during the day or in the evening, the pendant becomes a subtle yet impactful statement piece, resonating with both the beauty of nature and the artistry of sterling silver. This celestial accessory is not only an embodiment of individual style but also a reminder of the ever-changing, cyclical nature of life and the profound transformations that can be experienced on the spiritual path.




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