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Lemurian Aquatine Calcite Heart

Lemurian Aquatine Calcite Heart

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Intuitively chosen with love for you. 

Small - approximately 30-45g each

Large - approximately 50-70g each

Lemurian Aquatine Calcite Heart Palmstone: Nurturing the Heart and Soul

The Lemurian Aquatine Calcite Heart Palmstone is a truly enchanting piece of crystal artistry, combining the gentle energies of Aquatine Calcite with the heart-shaped symbolism. Aquatine Calcite is revered for its calming, soothing hues reminiscent of tranquil waters, while the heart shape adds an extra layer of significance, representing love, compassion, and emotional well-being. This palmstone becomes a powerful tool for those seeking to align the energies of the heart chakra with the serene qualities of Aquatine Calcite.

1. Tranquil Hues of Aquatine Calcite: Aquatine Calcite exhibits serene shades reminiscent of calm, clear waters. The gentle blue tones evoke a sense of tranquility and peace, making it a perfect choice for those seeking emotional balance and relaxation. The Heart Palmstone accentuates these calming hues, creating a visually appealing and spiritually resonant piece that captures the essence of serene waters.

2. Heart Symbolism: The heart shape holds deep symbolic meaning, universally recognised as a symbol of love and compassion. When carved from Aquatine Calcite, the Heart Palmstone becomes a vessel for these nurturing energies. It serves as a reminder to open the heart, fostering self-love and empathy towards others. Holding or meditating with this palmstone encourages a harmonious flow of compassionate energy.

3. Emotional Healing: Aquatine Calcite is often associated with emotional healing and balance. The Heart Palmstone, shaped to align with the heart chakra, becomes a potent tool for emotional well-being. Its energies are believed to soothe emotional wounds, calm anxiety, and provide a sense of comfort. This makes it an ideal companion for those navigating challenging emotions or seeking a supportive energy during times of stress.

4. Connection to Lemurian Energies: The term "Lemurian" in the name suggests a connection to the ancient Lemurian civilization, believed by some to be a spiritually advanced and highly connected society. The Heart Palmstone is thought to carry Lemurian energies, enhancing one's connection to higher realms and ancient wisdom. It becomes a bridge to the wisdom and nurturing energies associated with Lemurian consciousness.

5. Spiritual Growth and Harmony: Beyond its aesthetic appeal, the Lemurian Aquatine Calcite Heart Palmstone serves as a catalyst for spiritual growth and inner harmony. The tranquil energies of Aquatine Calcite, combined with the heart shape, create a powerful synergy that supports individuals in their journey towards greater emotional and spiritual balance. The palmstone becomes a tangible representation of the union between the heart and soul.

In conclusion, the Lemurian Aquatine Calcite Heart Palmstone is a harmonious blend of visual beauty and spiritual significance. Its calming energies, heart symbolism, and potential connection to Lemurian energies make it a cherished companion for those seeking emotional healing, compassion, and spiritual growth. Whether held during meditation or displayed as a piece of crystal art, this palmstone invites individuals to embrace the nurturing and tranquil energies it embodies.



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