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Sumatran Blue Amber Tumble

Sumatran Blue Amber Tumble

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Tumbled Sumatran Blue Amber: A Radiant Resin from the Indonesian Isles

Intuitively chosen with love for you. 

Small - approximately 15-20g each

Medium - approximately 25-30g each

Large - approximately 35-40g each

Tumbled Sumatran Blue Amber is a unique and captivating variety of amber renowned for its striking blue and green hues. Formed from the fossilised resin of ancient trees, this rare gemstone holds cultural significance and aesthetic allure. Unlike traditional amber, which is typically golden to brown, Sumatran Blue Amber's exceptional coloration sets it apart as a prized and sought-after gem.

Geological Origins: Sumatran Blue Amber originates from the lush and diverse tropical forests of Indonesia, specifically from the island of Sumatra. The amber is believed to be from the resin of extinct coniferous trees that existed millions of years ago. The geological conditions in the region, combined with the resin's exposure to specific elements, contribute to the gem's unique blue and green coloration.

Exceptional Coloration: The standout feature of Sumatran Blue Amber is its rare and vibrant blue and green colors, which result from the interaction of the fossilised resin with ultraviolet light. Under normal light conditions, the amber may appear dark, but when exposed to UV light, it emits a stunning display of fluorescent hues. The mesmerising play of colors makes Sumatran Blue Amber highly prized among collectors and gem enthusiasts.

Cultural and Spiritual Significance: Amber, in general, has held cultural and spiritual significance throughout history. Sumatran Blue Amber, with its exceptional coloration, is often associated with positive energy, protection, and good fortune. Some cultures believe that wearing or carrying blue amber can bring about a sense of calmness, balance, and protection against negative energies. The gem's unique colors are also connected to the celestial and natural elements, adding to its mystique.

Artisanal Craftsmanship: Tumbled Sumatran Blue Amber is often shaped into polished and rounded stones, known as tumbled stones, through a process of tumbling and polishing. This artisanal craftsmanship enhances the gem's natural beauty and allows its unique colors to shine. Tumbled stones are popular choices for jewellery, meditation, and decorative purposes, as their smooth surfaces showcase the gem's vibrant hues.

Collector's Gemstone: The rarity and exceptional beauty of Sumatran Blue Amber make it a coveted gemstone among collectors. Tumbled specimens with intense and varied colour patterns are particularly sought after, and the gem's scarcity adds to its collectibility. Whether displayed as a natural work of art or incorporated into jewellery designs, Sumatran Blue Amber continues to captivate collectors and gem enthusiasts alike.

In conclusion, Tumbled Sumatran Blue Amber stands as a radiant testament to the wonders of nature, embodying the ancient history of resin turned gem. Its exceptional coloration and cultural significance make it not just a gemstone but a piece of the natural world that sparks fascination and appreciation.



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